Coki, the Giant Slayer

The path leads down the hill to an old house. It is very dark outside, the pale moon lighting up the forest with a purple hue. Our group stops outside the house and we are searching for something, but I don't know what.

A white ball rolls up the hill and around the bend, deeper into the forest. I chase it down, but one of the group members shout out, “Be careful!”. I reply in my mind that it is only a short distance away.

However, around the bend I can sense a danger approaching. I back up in a whoa manner, and as I turn around to head for the house, I see an ogre-like being standing in front of it.

I manage to slip by behind the ogre, noticing it's dark, scalous hide that reflects the moonlight. As soon as I enter the house, I turn around and slam the door shut, but I think the ogre has seen me.

I hide behind the door, and the ogre opens it. I see his face which looks almost human, looking around inside the house. If he turned his head just a little more to the left, he would see me hiding behind the door.

Then, he walked outside again and I went further to the next room. The next thing that happens is I walk into the same room carrying a sword that is lodged into a heavy circular object like a rock, but with the texture of a lump of clothes. In the room, one of the group members is fending off a giant monster.

I react immediately by throwing the sword with the circular object, and it misses the giant by an inch. He stumbles back in surprise, and looks at me bewildered. He asks, “Why are you bothering me?”

I race up to face him and say, “I am Coki, the Giant Slayer!” and proceed to climb his back and stab him in the eye with a pair of scissors.

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