Once, We Live Forever

The haunted house lay in a barren field in the valley. In the field, a young woman and an older woman are searching through barrels of trash. They are looking for a dead body of a young girl that hasn't been found.

The young woman remembers she has seen the body before. She takes out a scythe twice her size, and starts to puncture the barrels one by one. As she found each barrel to be empty, she heard a loud creak coming from the haunted house behind her …

Inside the house, a young officer and his partner, an old detective, step around quietly. They are hunting down a group of criminals. The young officer climbed up to the attic and found an abandoned recording studio.

His partner yelled out to him, “I know this poster! It's from that crook!”

The young detective rushes out to see a black poster with a white skull symbol on it. That moment, a woman steps out from behind the shadows and starts shooting the young officer and detective …

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The young officer avoids every bullet. He rolls around while taking a box from a shelf and starts to build a gun. His partner shouts out, “This is your last chance!”

As the woman comes nearer to him, the young officer finally builds the gun. He loads the magazine, points the gun to the woman's face, and takes a shot …

As the woman lie dying, the young officer comes close to her. Then he realizes, this woman is the woman he loves. He holds her head in his lap, and says:

“I'm sorry …

Once … once, we live forever.
We never grow old, and we never die.”

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