The Murder of a Family

I am hiding in a dark room. Inside, the room is filled with household items put away in a messy manner. My friends are hiding with me, avoiding what is happening outside.

I see a family of four: a father, a mother, and their son and daughter. The sight is horrifying. For unexplainable reasons, the family members are murdering each other.

The moment I see them, they are already drenched in blood. The son holds a pick and rams it into his sister's neck. The daughter holds a gun and shoots her mother in the chest. The father swings his arms violently and instead slips and falls onto an electric chainsaw that punctures through his chest, causing blood to spray everywhere.

Strangely, the father doesn't die right away. Although his chest is torn apart by the chainsaw, it gets stuck there. I walk close to the father, and I hear him say with bewildered eyes, “Well this is highly uncomfortable!”

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