The Suicide Jumper

The situation feels intense. A group of people stand at the rooftop of the central building. I can't hear what they are arguing about, but my senses tell me to start getting as far away as possible.

I jump from one building rooftop to another, always keeping my eye on the group of people. Eventhough I can jump around, all the buildings are located inside one large room where the sky is the ceiling. I am as light as a feather, but I worry I may not be fast enough to outrun what is coming.

Moments later, what I fear happens. The group breaks apart. One woman becomes crazy, and starts chasing people down before she blows herself up.

I start jumping around frantically, trying to get as far away as possible. I see on the ground people are running scared too, afraid that they might get caught in the blast of the explosion.

I try to hide behind the roof of the farthest building in the corner of the large room, and one woman follows me there. I can see the fear and panic in her eyes as she jumps up to where I am.

To my horror, the suicidal woman is right behind her. She spots us both and chases us up the rooftop also. I try to jump to another building, but the frantic woman grabs my arm and I stick to her like glue.

The suicidal woman is coming nearer and nearer, and the woman behind me begs me to not leave her. As the suicidal woman is close enough so I can see her face, I manage to break free from the frantic woman and jump to the next building. Seconds later, the suicidal woman sticks to the frantic woman.

I jump around as fast as I can, moving from one corner of the large room to the front door. Just as I arrive at the front door, I look behind and see the blast happen. There was no sound – only a flash of light that went off as the bodies of both women were torn apart.


Outside of the room, people are still running away.

I start running towards the basement garage, and I follow a man who has a car parked there. I am careful to not alert anyone to the danger so they won't get inside the car also, but as I slide down the stair railings and hop to the car, I see two men climb up the stairs and spot us.

All four of us freeze for a moment. Then I see the two men take out Uzi guns and point it at the wheel of the car. The man I am following and I take out guns also, but none of us can fire any bullets. Just as I run to the two men, I go into a blackout.


I wake up paralyzed, lying in the corner of what looks like an office in a skyscraper building. I see everything in vertical, and I can't move my head or body. I can't hear anything either, but I can see a man who looks like he is the head police officer explain something to a group of people.

Then, all of a sudden, the man pulls out a gun and shoots down two people – a man and a woman. He says something to the remaining two persons, and goes outside. One of the persons in the room brings out a gun and points it to my head.

He pulls the trigger, but it only makes a click sound. He pulls it a second time, and it still only clicks. Then he pulls it a third time – and the gun goes off.

I remember saying “La illa ha ilallaah”.

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