Gut Puncher

Everyone is saying goodbye. It has been a long time since I last met my university friends, and we are already separating again. As I walk out of the room, I see many of them are still talking to each other and making plans to meet up again soon.

Then, I start running as I know I am being chased by a group of mafia henchmen. I slide down the stairs and they catch up with me, but they don't bring me down like I thought they would. Instead, at the bottom floor, they say they want me to join them and take down the guards guarding the front door.

Even before they say anything, I take down the guards in one rapid movement by punching them one by one in the gut. All of them faint immediately, and the front door is open. None of us go outside though, we all go back in and up the stairs again.

Then in another scene, I am still as a scarecrow. I'm standing outside a haunted looking building during a misty, dark night. I see someone coming from a distance carrying a lantern, and I am afraid that he might spot me.

However, nobody can see me. Other guards appear, and even though they are near me they don't see me as a threat. I look to the right and see my comrades sitting on a rock – and nobody sees them too.

My comrades see me though, and they are signaling me to inform them when to make a move. I want to say not now, but I am surrounded by guards, so instead I shout out loud “JANGAN!” and the guards are shocked but not alarmed. They ask me “Jangan apa?” and then break out in laughter as I pretend to be an absent-minded robot.

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