Dancing With Renat

She is sitting on a chair near the exit door. I see her from where I am standing, and I go over to where she is. I lend out my hand, and I ask her, “Do you want to dance?”

From the moment I see Renat, I know that I am dreaming. As she takes my hand, I can feel it like it is real, and I become afraid of waking up. So I stretch out my hands and spin around to prevent myself from waking up, and it works: the dream continues.

As she stands up, I grip her hand tighter. We dance to the sound of silent music, and I see the room swirl about around us. My consciousness drifts in and out of the dream, not really sure whether it's real or I'm still dreaming. But the grip on my hand feels real.

Then in another scene, I am at a cinema. Everybody thinks the show is over, but it has only just begun. I grab a seat at the left corner about half way up, and we start to watch a 4DX film.

Cav is also there, and before the film starts, we both head towards the back stage to find Chico. He is nowhere to be found though, so Cav quickly grabs a seat at the front row while I take a seat further behind him.

To my surprise, the production team that made the movie are all sitting on stage. They are all my university friends from Electrical Engineering.

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