Prelude to Dreams

Hello again.

The first recorded dream I remember happened in mid-2008. I remember it because it was a special dream, about a special person in a special place. Since then, I have been having a hobby of recording dreams that I can remember.

But in mid-2011 I slowly stopped writing down these dreams, because the more I remembered, the more I remembered. The more time it took to write down all I remembered. And I needed the time to focus on other things.

Now, picking up where I left off, I finished reading "Lucid Dreaming for Beginners" and successfully used the techniques inside to control a lucid dream and interpret their meaning. The more I practiced the interpretation, the more I found out how it can help me to better understand myself. The more I can try to understand why I dream about the recurring themes that occur the most in my dreams: my elementary school, being in the middle of battles, and wide luxurious bathrooms.

So, I am starting this journal again. Only this time, I will try to interpret the dreams with music, and I will keep a log of the process of making an album based on music from dreams here. This time I will focus on the quality, not the quantity, of each dream.

This will be a long process. It is something that I have always wanted to do, someday or maybe to explore the minimalist and experimental musician side of me. To at least make a conscious effort to bring into reality these melodies that penetrate my fantasies and reveal themselves in my sleep.

Sweet dreams.

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